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Why Whiteboard Explainers Are a Must For Business

by James William

Scaling up a business is not a particularly easy feat. Or is it? In a world saturated with a lot of information, most of it geared towards increasing sales, customers are looking for the easiest way out.

So, what if you can use an easy and exciting way to let them know what your services or products can do for them – that’s what whiteboard explainers are all about!

But what are whiteboard explainers?

The name “Whiteboard Explainers” is enough of a clue. These are simply static images drawn on a white background and then played sequentially and accompanied by narration to create a complete video.

Whiteboard explainers offer endless benefits continuously especially when you work with a top-rated animation service like The Sketch Effect, thanks to their expertise and experience.

Why use whiteboard explainers for your business?

The following reasons make you want to use whiteboard explainers for your business:

1. They make it easy to capture high-quality leads

If you’re looking to attract more traffic for your business and generate leads that you will be proud of, then whiteboard explainers are a must-use. The way this works is by converting the visitors coming to your website into loyal customers.

Sounds easy, right? Straightforward, even? But yet it’s not. Just going out there and engaging an expert in creating a whiteboard explainer isn’t enough. You need to have a top-tier product or service whose importance or way of use not so many customers would figure out at first glance.

Thus, the work of an explainer video would be to make them understand what that product is all about and why they need it. Once they are on track, they become a magnet, attracting even more leads.

2. They encourage ROI conversion

If your website is not converting, that does not necessarily mean that your products or services are mediocre. In some cases, you simply aren’t painting the right picture in the eyes of the consumer.

Whiteboard explainers make it easier for consumers to understand how a certain product or service makes sense in their lives. Once they get the concept and approve of it, nothing will stop a chain reaction of interesting ROI conversion and growing profits for your business.

3. Covers multiple ideas at a go

One major benefit of whiteboard explainers is their ability to cover multiple topics at once, in a form that is easy for consumers to understand. Not only is it easier to deliver multiple concepts in a single message, but that makes it easier to share the all-inclusive narrative just once.

That way, more people will connect with your business at a deeper level in one shot.

4. Integrates easily with social media

Another top reason for using whiteboard explainers for businesses is their ease of integration with social media profiles. You can tweak whiteboard explainers to fit both long and short-form social media content.

This increases the coverage of your business and the likelihood that more people will understand it better.

5. You stand out from the crowd

If you had both a ‘talking head’ and a whiteboard explainer video, the whiteboard explainer would ideally induce a 20% more knowledge retention rate. That’s mainly because whiteboard explainers are more interesting and capable of adding a fresh breath of air to even the most bland of messages.

6. It’s budget effective

Whiteboard explainers are more budget-friendly than hiring experts or live actors to make sense of the product or service that you are promoting. And this isn’t only true when creating such videos the first time.

Even when you want to update a product and want to explain the new features, it would be cheaper to update the existing whiteboard explainer to reflect the new changes.

And there you have it,

The best reasons why whiteboard explainers are a must-use for businesses – and there’s more. But to enjoy these benefits, you have to use a first-class video animation service from a provider like The Sketch Effect when creating your whiteboard explainers.

The continuously high ROI makes it worth the investment!