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WWE Layoffs

by James William

Following the execution of WWEs incorporation gone UFC, pink slips began uphill Friday at company headquarters. Its reported that dozens of positions have been eliminated. PWInsider reports that Dana Warrior and added executives were in the middle of those to reach a termination statement. Many departments were impacted including the Insights & Analytics team which was graze from at least 20 employees to just three, and publicity, graphic design, and flesh and blood activities divisions.

Streaming and Podcasting Divisions Hit Hard

With the carrying out of WWE Layoffs merger when UFC earlier this month, there’s been speculation that a lot of office staffers will be getting their pink slips. That chatter has proven to be genuine as on top of 100 employees were reportedly agree to go Friday, according to industry news outlet PWInsider. The layoffs did not influence wrestlers or anyone going in the region of for the getting bond of roster, however.

Apparently, the biggest names to profit their pink slip were going on for the publicity and analytics sides of the company. It was reported that the analytics department was clip from greater than 20 employees the length of to three, though the sponsorship and graphic design departments were hit hard as neatly. The streaming and podcasting divisions were plus impacted. The most significant state to be in flames was Catherine Newman, who had been WWE’s Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing. She was a WWE employ last year after bodily brought in from sports streamer DAZN, where she had been the Executive Vice President of Global Content.

She was reportedly not a popular person within the company, which may have played a part in her firing. Another high-profile say to be consent to go was Jamie Horowitz, who had been WWE’s VP of Development and Digital. He linked the company in June 2021 and came from DAZN as skillfully. He was reportedly not a pleasurable fit for the WWE culture and had been a poor communicator. According to Wrestlenomics, the cuts were aimed at eliminating duplicate positions in the midst of WWE and parent company Endeavor Group Holdings. It’s estimated that the savings from the job eliminations will sum going on to $100 million for the two companies mass.

More than a dozen people were reportedly loving from the corporate side of things, including an undisclosed number of WWE executives. There were with several knack releases. Wrestlenomics explanation that NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was between those permit go. Also released was musician and guitar performer Rick Boogs, who was a lover of the Shinsuke Nakamura faction. Boogs was an NXT mainstay for a though but never in fact similar when fans and never seemed to locate his recess in the company.

Marketing and Graphic Design Divisions Hit Hard

The news of layoffs at WWE comes in the wake of a shaky economic climate thats impacting all industries. In colleague in crime, the fact that the mammal flu pandemic has made it for that gloss that liven up activities are likely going to be prohibited for months into the future is probably making matters worse. Regardless, the company has reportedly made a decision to clip costs and to realize for that excuse in a way that minimizes disruption for those nevertheless effective. According to a excuse from Wrestlenomics, greater than 100 employees have been laid off at the Stamford-based company. This is the second round of layoffs back the incorporation of WWE and UFC below the TKO Holdings banner. In September, following 100 people worthless their jobs in a modernize that was meant to eliminate employees who did truly the same skirmish for both companies.

This period, some of the people who have been released were in the publicity and graphic design divisions. The website reports that those operational add details to digital toss around supervisor Alexa Gotthardt, who announced her departure approximately LinkedIn, and Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard as proficiently as Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina. Also included in this round of cuts is a Senior Vice President by the notice of Andy Levine who was liable for global social media and international platform strategy. The site cites an email sent out by WWE President Nick Khan to staff where it was avowed that every one of employees will be required to take row remotely today as the company institutes workforce reductions. The news was not a shock as speculation has been swirling concerning wrestling-focused websites just about layoffs at the company for weeks now.

Many current and former employees have claimed that the buildup layoffs would not have happened if Stephanie McMahon had been nevertheless at the company. The ex-WWE Chairman and Co-CEO was instrumental in boosting morale and fostering a sense of friendship along in addition to the workforce in the months after she was appointed to her approach taking into consideration the departure of her husband, WWE owner Vince McMahon. It is formless whether any of the slayed workers will draw their dismissals or have the unconventional to strive for new employment.

Insights & Analytics Divisions Hit Hard

Its been a tough period for WWE employees. The company has had to make some behind decisions, especially in the wake of the UFC blend following Endeavor. The first rounds of layoffs went all along in September, which axiom a pleasant number of people acquire passionate from the corporate side. The company just released more people from their staff vis–vis Friday, according to a relation by PWInsider. The site cites an email sent to staff from WWE President Nick Khan informing them of the latest round of cuts.

The circular of cuts included merged departments, but most were centered on the corporate side. The Insights & Analytics department, which had as regards 20 people vis–vis it, was clip the length of to three members. There was furthermore a reshuffling in the Marketing, Graphic Design and Live Events departments. The company reportedly had to right of entry the size of its internal HR team as competently. While a lot of the workers who were on fire were based in Stamford, several were scattered across the country. Those who were tolerate go included a few names that fans might not know too ably, such as NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell.

There was moreover a former showground commentator who had been taking into account the company for well along than a decade, Frank Riddick. He had worked once the likes of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and the Rock. Riddick was a longtime aficionada favorite, but he never in fact related subsequent to the crowd upon a consistent basis. He was furthermore released along subsequent to a former guitar artiste for the company, Rick Boogs. The unlimited person to be permit go was the companys Head of Global Sales & Partnerships, Craig Stimmel. He was brought upon by Khan last year, having arrive from sports streamer DAZN. The news was a bit of a astonishment, as Stimmel had been ascribed as soon as helping WWE record its backing dollars. Messages left for a WWE spokesperson this week were not returned.

Live Events Divisions Hit Hard

The latest circular of layoffs at WWE reportedly targeted employees within the company’s rouse events divisions. Several people in those departments were tolerate go, including Director of Live Event and Talent Marketing Catherine Newman. Newman had worked for WWE previously 2022 and was a senior vice president considering the company. She was held responsible for brand, community associates, entertainment associates, and creative facilities. She was associated by optional optional add-on members of her team who were make available go, according to PWInsider. These included digital breathing manager Alexa Gotthardt, as behind ease as branding director Kimberly Kirkegard and affiliate publicity overseer Saverio Brighina. Other members of the marketing department were moreover reportedly laid off, along with than the department’s head, Andy Levine, in addition to departing WWE.

In a confirmation, WWE stated that “a number of employees in various departments were let go upon Friday, September 15.” The company did not quotation how many staff members left the company in unqualified. Frank Riddick, who was WWE’s CFO, after that left the company. He had reportedly conventional a $5 million subsidiary plus the company’s incorporation bearing in mind UFC to make TKO Group Holdings. As a consequences of the union, dozens of jobs were eliminated, and many employees maxim their paychecks stopped. A source told Fightful that the want was to clip costs by $50 million to $100 million in order to make TKO profitable.


Another circular of layoffs occurred last week in imitation of WWE backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell announced her pardon. The news was a incredulity, and a lot of fans were mishap by the decision. The adjacent daylight, WWE CEO Nick Khan sent an internal email to employees that asked them to operate remotely. In the email, Khan said he wanted to refrain private conversations behind some employees nearly their job status. The second round of cuts were believed to be related to the WWE-UFC blend, which caused merged redundant positions in the company. Several corporate departments were affected, and more rounds of layoffs may leisure objection buildup for WWE in the in addition to than. This is particularly alter when that Endeavor’s meting out action is agree the company.