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How To Use The USC Qualitrics Research Suite To Conduct Your Research

by James William

Qualtrics is an easy-to-use, web-based survey software platform that can be used to make surveys, distribute them, and view results. This article will teach you how to use this tool to conduct your research. The survey data is collected anonymously and stored in a central database. This habit, the survey results cannot be tied put going on to to individuals.

Create a connection survey

If you are add-on to using usc qualtrics, this tutorial will mosey you through the process of creating a different survey. We will lid all from survey commencement to survey distribution. You will furthermore learn how to view your survey results. We will plus discuss some of the features of Qualtrics that make it an excellent another for survey researchers. To make a subsidiary survey, click the global navigation in the peak-left, closely the XM logo. Select either CoreXM or your desired XM category. Then, click Survey. You can with select to import a survey file or copy a survey from a library. If you pick to import a survey, it will portion all of the indigenous survey settings, including survey availability dates, incomplete appreciation settings, and see and atmosphere settings.

Once you’ve created a survey, you can fine-flavor its settings by clicking the Survey Options bank account in the left-hand menu. These tote happening a variety of ask-joined settings, such as the number of ask choices or whether or not to display a impinge on on bar. You can in addition to customize the publish of your survey by selecting a template or atmosphere a color try. Another important feature of the Qualtrics tool is its carrying out to send personalized survey contacts to each respondent. These individual contacts can be shared via email, text message, or social media. This feature can auspices guard anonymity by preventing people from voting twice or sharing their ballot along with than others. It can in addition to be used to minister to proxy voting for adroitness committees or postscript organizations.

Once your survey is ready, you can distribute it by clicking the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. You can pick to send it through the online distribution tool, which will have enough money you subsequent to a partner that you can embed in an email, or the Customize Link choice, which will pay for leave to enter you to shorten the text of the colleague displayed in your email. In relationship to the above, you can along with use the Customize Link uncharacteristic to set an expiration date for the survey. This is useful for surveys that are not meant to be completed in a unexpected period of era. It is furthermore long-hardship for ensuring that people don’t unmodified your survey after the deadline.

Distribute a survey

You can use the Qualtrics Research Suite to distribute your survey through a variety of methods. For example, you can send an email invite to participants or create a colleague that can be posted just about your website. Once youve distributed your survey, you can monitor tribute rates in genuine epoch through a distribution summary. This will foster you identify patterns in your responses. For example, you can track whether respondents have left a ask blank or if theyve unmodified an steadfast idea that is not in origin taking into account the overall trend. In toting occurring to these distribution methods, you can moreover create a custom URL that can be used to portion your survey. This is especially useful if youon distributing your survey to a large number of people. However, if you purpose to use this method, its important to deliver judgment the security of your survey data. You may sensitive to set taking place a password for the survey or restrict admission to unadulterated people single-handedly.

Another showing off to distribute a survey is to send it by text message. This is a courteous other for those as soon as mobile devices, as it allows respondents to unqualified concerning the subject of the go. You can even use this method to build up data from customers or employees in the arena. However, this method isnt ideal for distributing your survey to every academic circles. During the webinar, Hopper discussed the challenges of designing and distributing a sustainability literacy and culture survey. She emphasized the importance of keeping in mind the STARS requirements as expertly as the institutions specific goals once creating the survey. She in addition to discussed how to dwelling issues such as survey length and confidentiality.

Once youve selected a survey to distribute, you can fine-atmosphere its settings using the Survey Options defense. This is where you can regulate many of the general survey settings, such as the survey expiration date and the declaration that will appear to your respondents when they adding together the survey. In add-on, you can enable survey auspices to prevent ballot bin stuffing and anonymousize your respondents. In the Survey Options description, you can plus specify a date range in which added respondents can begin taking your survey. This atmosphere doesnt near current respondents or prevent them from completing the survey, but it does block auxiliary respondents from taking the survey until the fall of that range.

View survey results

If youvery about using Qualtrics to mass data, you may nonattendance to know how to view the results. You can locate this opinion by navigating to the View Results relation concerning the dashboard. The initial bank account will accomplish you the sum number of responses for each ask. You can then click as regards individual questions to impression more detailed responses.

When creating a survey in Qualtrics, its important to limit the number of responses. This will ensure that younot far-off and wide off from getting the most accurate representation of your respondents opinions. You can reach this by tally a ask that asks the respondent to select the number of epoch theyve answered a particular scrutinize. You can also create a multi-page survey to prevent respondent confusion. For example, you can use the Next Page button to send them to a option page following theyconsidering reference to finished later than the previous one. This will create it more hard for them to accidentally agree the survey anew.

Another satisfying feature of Qualtrics is the triumph to share a survey and its reports subsequent to colleagues. This can be especially useful when conducting an interview once someone who is not a promoter of your department. In progression, you can entry your surveys from any device that has an Internet association. To view survey results, you can log in to your USC Qualtrics account and choose the project that youd subsequent to to review. If you dont have a project, you can create one by choosing the Create a optional relationship project other vis–vis the left side of the screen.

If youvery practically using a scrutinize that allows for essay text, its reachable to limit the number of words that respondents can enter by using custom validation. To reach this, retrieve the evaluate youon lithe concerning and pick Custom Validation from the right-hand column. The expertise to solicit Google reviews from right inside a Qualtrics survey can put occurring to going on you fabricate a robust catalog of ratings and reviews. This is a deafening pretentiousness to boost your reputation and appeal in added customers. The on your own caveat is that you dependence to have a hermetically sealed presence upon Google and be prepared to hermetically sealed to any negative reviews.


In attachment in crime to providing powerful survey and data analysis tools, usc qualtrics also provides reporting capabilities that benefit users augmented believe their results. This allows them to make more informed decisions later distributing and viewing surveys. Using these features is important because they can save grow obsolete-fashioned and be heavy to the overall fanatic experience.

The Reporting metaphor is reachable to all users, and it includes a variety of reports for all types of data. It allows you to customize the reports you nonattendance to view and filter by specific categories. It also provides a comparison tool that helps you compare merged data sets side-by-side. Using the Reporting defense is certainly easy, and it can be used by the entire types of users.

Qualtrics is to hand to every one of gift, staff, and students at USC for forgive. It is a cloud-based survey platform that can be accessed from any computer back an internet association. Its robust survey, research and acuteness capabilities make it a indispensable tool for each and every one campus stakeholders. If you need uphold taking into account your Qualtrics account, you can ensnare your Account Executive or XM Success Manager. These are the people who will ensure your license contains each and every one the features you compulsion. You can arbitrator their relationships reference by logging in to the Customer Success Hub and clicking the profile icon.


In conclusion, USC Qualtrics offers a energetic platform for researchers to delve into the depths of their inquiries, providing a seamless and efficient interface for data deposit, analysis, and observations. By harnessing the skill of this versatile tool, researchers can flatter their studies, believe valuable insights, and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. With USC Qualtrics, the possibilities for concurrence taking into account than looking research are limitless, paving the quirk for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.


How can I admission USC Qualtrics?

Accessing USC Qualtrics is easy. As a adherent of the USC community, you can log in using your USC NetID and password via the USC Qualtrics portal. Once logged in, you’ll have full entry to the platform’s features and functionalities to go without your research happenings.

Can I collaborate subsequent to others using USC Qualtrics?

Absolutely! USC Qualtrics facilitates collaboration surrounded by researchers by allowing merged users to skirmish on the subject of the subject of projects simultaneously. Whether you’approaching dynamic within a research team or seeking input from colleagues, USC Qualtrics provides robust collaboration tools to streamline your efforts and maximize productivity.