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What Is Entertainment Weekly?

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Entertainment Weekly (EW) is an American magazine that focuses on pop culture. As its name suggests, the publication covers a wide variety of entertainment topics, from television to music, film, and theater. Since its founding in 1990, EW has been on the newsstands in various forms. In January 2017, it was sold to the Meredith Corporation for $2.8 billion. It will continue to publish special interest magazines such as Sports Illustrated and People, but will focus on producing digital-only covers, video packages, and curated events.

Unlike most celebrity-focused publications, Entertainment Weekly doesn’t eschew critical reviews. Each issue features seven sections of reviews. Some of these reviews are long and detailed, while others are shorter and contain letter grades. The lowest-rated reviews are given an “F,” while the highest-rated reviews are given a “A.” This ensures that readers have access to a wide range of perspectives when making their entertainment choices.

Many celebrities have been featured in Photo issue photographs, which are usually taken with their cooperation. Often, these photographs feature artistic expression, and sometimes include commentary from photographers. These photos are then graded on a review “A”-to-“F” scale. Among other things, they describe the celebrities’ outfits and style.

Initially a spinoff of People magazine, EW has branched out in recent years. It has become a more widely read and influential publication. For instance, its cover story last year featured Lady Gaga as the main character on the hit American Horror Story. And while most of its coverage of awards shows focuses on the Emmy Awards, EW has also produced a section called “The Hollywood Insider,” which provides readers with up-to-date entertainment news.

As an entertainment news outlet, Entertainment Weekly has played a major role in the industry’s evolution. In addition to publishing a magazine, EW has also developed special-interest magazines, podcasts, newsletters, books, and more. However, the magazine’s print edition has been on the decline for some time. Eventually, EW plans to discontinue its print editions in favor of a digital-only model.

In its earliest days, EW was a fairly thin publication, but it soon became a strong force in the entertainment journalism field. The first issue was published on February 16, 1990, in New York City. A year later, the publication’s word count was cut in half, and it expanded to cover a number of new areas.

In its early years, EW was the most influential voice in the entertainment journalism field. In the years that followed, it became profitable as part of the Time Inc. empire. Now, it’s owned by the DotDash Meredith media group.

When EW was sold to Meredith, it was already part of a larger empire that included People, Time, and Fortune. But the company plans to expand its digital offerings, produce more curated events, and enhance its social and video platforms. Among other enhancements, it will include digital-only covers that feature A-list stars. During this transition period, some EW staffers will be laid off.