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Rajkotupdates.News: Gujarat Vidyapeeth By Mahatma Gandhi In 1920 Will Invite Governor Acharya Devvrat

by James William


Gujarat Vidyapeeth, a renowned educational institution in India, holds a special place in the hearts of many. Established by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, in 1920, the university has been a symbol of Gandhian philosophy and values. In a significant development, Gujarat Vidyapeeth has decided to extend a warm invitation to Governor Acharya Devvrat to grace their prestigious institution as a distinguished guest. This article explores the historical significance of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, sheds light on the achievements of Governor Acharya Devvrat, and highlights the importance of this upcoming event.

Historical Significance Of Gujarat Vidyapeeth:

Gujarat Vidyapeeth was established by Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle to promote education that aligned with his vision of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The institution aimed to combine formal education with vocational training to create skilled individuals capable of contributing to the nation’s development. Mahatma Gandhi envisioned education as a means to empower the masses and make them self-sustainable.

Over the years, Gujarat Vidyapeeth has grown into a respected center of learning. It offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs across multiple disciplines. The university has successfully nurtured generations of students who have imbibed Gandhian values and gone on to make significant contributions in various fields.

Governor Acharya Devvrat:

A Profile of Excellence: Governor Acharya Devvrat is an eminent personality who has dedicated his life to public service and social upliftment. He has a profound understanding of the importance of education in shaping a better society. With his vast experience and expertise, he has been instrumental in implementing numerous educational reforms in the states he has served.

Governor Acharya Devvrat’s commitment to Gandhian principles and his tireless efforts in promoting education align perfectly with the values of Gujarat Vidyapeeth. His exemplary leadership has transformed institutions and brought about positive change in the lives of countless individuals.

The Importance Of Governor Acharya Devvrat’s Visit:

The invitation extended to Governor Acharya Devvrat by Gujarat Vidyapeeth holds immense significance for several reasons. Firstly, it recognizes his contribution to the field of education and acknowledges his efforts in fostering the ideals propagated by Mahatma Gandhi. Secondly, Governor Acharya Devvrat’s visit will inspire and motivate the students of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, as they will have the opportunity to interact with a distinguished personality who has made a tangible impact in the educational sector.

The event will also serve as a platform for Governor Acharya Devvrat to share his insights and experiences with the students and faculty of Gujarat Vidyapeeth. His presence will undoubtedly encourage the students to strive for excellence and imbibe the Gandhian principles of truth, non-violence, and self-reliance in their personal and professional lives.


The upcoming visit of Governor Acharya Devvrat to Gujarat Vidyapeeth is a momentous occasion that symbolizes the alignment of values between an esteemed educational institution and a dedicated public servant. It highlights the importance of Gandhian philosophy in education and reinforces the commitment of both Gujarat Vidyapeeth and Governor Acharya Devvrat to the holistic development of individuals and society.


  1. What is the significance of Gujarat Vidyapeeth in India’s educational landscape? Gujarat Vidyapeeth, established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, holds immense historical and cultural significance. It represents a unique blend of formal education and vocational training, emphasizing self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The institution has played a vital role in nurturing students who embody Gandhian principles and contribute positively to society.
  2. How has Governor Acharya Devvrat contributed to the field of education? Governor Acharya Devvrat has been actively involved in the field of education throughout his career. He has implemented various educational reforms and initiatives to enhance the quality of education and empower students. His efforts have focused on promoting values-based education and creating an environment that fosters holistic development. Governor Acharya Devvrat’s visit to Gujarat Vidyapeeth is a testament to his commitment to educational excellence.