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Eat And Run – How To Fuel Your Body And Boost Your Performance

by James William

Whether you’re a casual runner who jogs around the block or a competitive athlete pushing for the next podium spot, Eat and Run will inspire and inform. Filled with on-the-brink stories of endurance running, fascinating science, accessible practical advice, and easy-to-make recipes, this book will motivate readers to go the distance.

Pre-Run Snacks

The right pre-run snack can help you boost your energy and performance. The food you eat should be rich in carbohydrates, which are quickly digested and easily burned as fuel. Bananas, for example, are a good choice because they are high in carbohydrates and contain some fat and protein for satiety. Yogurt is another option, especially if you add in granola or other carb-rich foods like berries and honey.

Ideally, your snack should be consumed 3-4 hours before you run. Anything eaten closer to your run might be difficult to digest and can lead to gastrointestinal upset, which will take your focus away from your workout. Try to avoid high-fiber, high-fat or sugary foods like a bean burrito or chocolate chip cookie. Also, if you’re not used to eating a lot of fiber, don’t eat a big meal before a long run because it might sit heavy on your stomach. Noom can help you get the habits that work for your running and nutrition goals.

Post-Run Snacks

먹튀 is key for refueling the body with carbohydrates and protein. Ideally, you want to eat something that includes both of these macronutrients within 15 minutes to an hour of finishing your run. Carbohydrates are the most efficient fuel for running, but you also need protein to help repair muscle fibers. Try to eat foods that contain both carbs and protein after your run, like avocado toast with blackberries, or a peanut butter sandwich with sliced bananas.

Bananas are a traditional go-to snack for runners because they provide both carbohydrate and protein. They are relatively easy to digest and offer a variety of nutrients, including potassium (which is lost in sweat during a run) and vitamin C. However, they tend to spoil quickly. Bananas can be eaten whole, blended into a smoothie or used as a topping on oatmeal. Try to choose organic bananas, which have a longer shelf life than conventional ones. They are also a good source of natural phenolic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Mid-Run Snacks

Many runners enjoy a mid-run snack to help keep energy levels up. The ideal snacks are those that provide a mix of simple carbohydrates and protein, but avoid foods high in fat and fiber, which can slow digestion. A spoonful of honey, which contains natural sugars that the body absorbs quickly, can give your energy a boost in the middle of a run. A few pieces of dried fruit like apricots, cranberries or raisins can also be a great choice for mid-run snacks, as they are low in fat and packed with carbs.

Edamame is a healthy running snack option that provides muscle-building protein, calcium to strengthen bones and antioxidants. A handful of frozen shelled edamame can be easily eaten on the go. Pretzels, saltine crackers or animal crackers are a good source of salt and carbohydrates for energy, especially if they’re paired with a lean protein such as turkey breast or tuna salad. They’re also an easy snack to carry while running, as they don’t require any utensils.

The Night Before

The night before a race can make or break your running performance. Proper nutrition can prevent runners’ trots (eh hem bathroom issues) and ensure you have enough energy to avoid hitting the wall during a long race or marathon. Some runners prefer real food for a pre-run snack, such as granola bars, peanut butter pretzels or boiled potatoes. Others enjoy easier to digest, ready-to-eat calories such as energy gels or chews. Whatever you choose, be sure to avoid whole wheat which can lead to digestive upset.

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Eating a heavy meal before running can lead to gastric distress, so you want to eat something light. Avoid dairy, sugary snacks and foods with too much fat, which take longer to digest. Chock-full of incredible on-the-brink stories, countless race re-caps, and invaluable running tips and advice, Eat and Run inspires runners at every level.